The lifting, lashing and personal protective equipment professions are regulated more and more. Responding to questions from your customers is a necessity. PMS Industries offers several training tools adapted to each of these professions.


  • Visiting manufacturing plants
  • Conferences
  • Workshops in collaboration with lifting technicians and engineers
  • Presentations on the technical applications of lifting and lashing  
  • Practical application
Formation levage, arrimage, équipement de protection individuelle PMS Industrie
Salle de formation levage, arrimage, EPI PMS Industrie

Training for periodic inspections of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Training on the manufacturing and system components
  • Training on the technical characteristics of the product
  • Training on the legislation governing the product
  • Training on control points
  • Control certification or licensing

On-site technical assistance and training

  • In-the-field support and technical assistance
  • Assistance in drawing up specifications
  • Advice on sales plan and selection of references
  • Presence and support for professional day sessions
  • Sales and technical training for the distributor sales force

Technical booklets and user manuals

PMS Industrie provides booklets that group together all the standards and user advice for round slings, flat webbing, multi-leg slings, wire rope slings, chain slings, lashing systems, harnesses, lanyards, connectors, anchoring and fall prevention...

These quick and easy-to-read documents ensure a precise and professional response to all matters related to lifting and lashing. Pocket-sized, they provide significant support for your sales force. Customizable, you can distribute them to your customers requiring the highest level of security.

Livrets documentation technique, notice d'emploi levage, arrimage, EPI PMS Industrie

Bicolour lashing SystemDiscover lashing systems in complete security

New packagings for lashing systemsIncrease your sales with our new packagings.

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